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      In September 2002, SHINVA successfully went public at Shanghai Stock Exchange. It is now the chairman unit of China Association for Medical Devices Industry (CAMDI).

  SHINVA has always been insisting the Qilu Culture that pays attentions to persisting and credibility and Modern Enterprise Culture that pays attention to customers’ needs, encouraging the workers with goals, uniting the hearts with development, improving the inner quality with innovation and creating power with culture. We unshakably walk the way of healthy industry, technical innovation and capital operation, now being the leading medical enterprise in China that is based on medical instruments and equipment, pharmaceutical equipment and medical medicine service and can provide customers with the main 9 production lines: CSSD integrated solutions, pharmaceutical equipment integrated solutions, radiotherapy integrated solutions, digital operating room integrated solutions, dental integrated solutions, medical environmental protection integrated solutions, experiment animal safeguard integrated solutions, in vitro diagnostic reagents and instruments and biomedical materials and supplies. Among them, the quality and market of the CSSD integrated solutions, pharmaceutical equipment integrated solutions and radiotherapy integrated solutions both rank the front in China. Every year we have many new products that come into the market. Now we have 14 state level products. We have gained the famous trademark of China and are the first domestic medical enterprise that owns a state level enterprise technical center. Shandong province is the center of development, manufacturing, marketing and management and we have two core areas: Shanghai and Beijing, forming our basic layout.

    Standing at the new developing stage of the history, facing new chances, SHINVA will as always advance with the times, act with self-confidence, innovation and hard work. We will continue to struggle to build a monument of the Chinese medical instrument industry, world famous medical instrument enterprise and make contribution to the healthy career of human being!

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